Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Profile of My Fashion Life

I love the blog My Fashion Life. It is about everything fashion related. This blog was founded by Michele Obi, who is a Fashion magazine editor. The blog is sort of a blend of a blog and an online fashion magazine. The frequency of blog posts varies anywhere from seven a month, to three a day.
This blog relates to my work because it not only focuses on fashion but on marketing and celebrity influence on the industry. The blog is professional in the sense that it maintains the feel and structure of a magazine. The blogs are detailed and interesting and enhanced with photos. The audience of this blog includes industry professionals, up and coming fashion designers, and fashionistas everywhere. This site is great inspiration and a helpful reference site for my site. My blog will be more focused on fashion marketing and will not have the magazine format.


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Michele said...

Thank you, your post was very lovely to read. Hope you keep up your blog and welcome to the world of fashion blogging.x